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Cancer Surgery Clinic At the cancer surgery clinic, we provide comprehensive state of the art treatment options for the entire gamut of hepatobiliary pancreatic and gastrointestinal cancers. Every patient and will be personally evaluated by Dr Ganesh Nagarajan who is a well known expert in this field and given a personalized treatment plan. These are complex cancers with multiple modalities of treatment like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Proper sequencing and timing of these various modalities makes a huge difference in treatment outcomes.

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Senior Consultant surgeon - Hepatobiliary Pancreatic, GI oncology. Dr Bharat Prajapati

We would also like to draw your attention that our patient(s) charges and packages are very competitive and most economical compared to different hospitals of Ahmedabad  and adjoining areas.


My cousin was diagnosed with colon cancer. Before visiting to Dr. Bharat , we were in quite a dilemma as to where take her for cancer treatment. and with luck and God's grace we got connected with Dr. Bharat. We came to know about him from the internet. And truly he is a gem of a person. Very skilled cancer specialist in Ahmedabad. Just want to say thanks from the heart. Thanks a lot.

ABC - Patel - Rajkot

Patient from Rajkot

Very caring confident and complete doctor and person . Explained all the details about my mother's cancer . Did a fantastic surgery preserving the function .Also has excellent team of doctors who plan our chemotherapy and radiation ..Helped us all the way till our radiation was over . Most recommended for all people searching for cancer treatment doctor ..


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